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Zikr means the remembrance of God. Zikr according to the book Fiqh-Us-Sunnah by Sheik Sayyed As Sabeeq, mentions that, "All words of praise and glory to Allah, extolling His Perfect Attributes of Power and Majesty, Beauty and Sublimeness, whether one utters them by tongue or says them silently in one's heart, are known as Zikr or remembrance of Allah."

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In the general sense, we use Zikr as discussion or mention. But here the Zikr is made pure by the discussion or mention of God, which is mostly used in Muslim and Sufi

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connotations. Zikr actually means remembrance. This remembrance as per the leaders of the Muslim and Sufi faith should be there at all times. As per them, the first thing to be done is to ask for forgiveness for yourself as well as those with whom you are annoyed or hold any grudge. I understand it as a process of purifying oneself as one gets closer to the purna or complete consciousness. Zikr brings about happiness and closeness to God.

The Quran says that only in the Zikr of Allah you will find peace. In some places, Zikr is pronounced as Dhikr. It can be said to be a synonym of simran as used in Sikhism. In Sufi parlance, the Circle of Zikr is the garden of Paradise. Practice of Zikr includes fasting, night vigils, restraint in speech, compassion for created beings, remembrance, reflection, living on permitted things and avoiding forbidden things.

The followers of Jalaluddin Rumi, known as the Mevlevis, or Whirling Dervishes perform a Zikr ceremony which externally appears as a dance. Internally, it is a meditation on Allah. As they turn, they sub vocally repeat the Name. A musical

Zikr is known as sama. Zikr which is always performed in a dergah is for the first time being brought into the open with the album ZIKR by mystic Master Anandmurti Gurumaa herself.The opening track call of the heart calls for utmost attention of the listeners as this can be the beginning on the path for those who are drunk with Love.

The next track wajjad - The divine union California Psychic brings a person closer to his heart. And when one listens to the humming of the heart, it is already singing the melody of love! The next track rooh-e-parwaaz - flight of the soul opens the seekers heart for Love while the next track tariqat - Breath Taste instills a feeling that every breath is life, every breath is a gift and every breath can become a mode of bringing the wandering heart to real home.

The last track Jannat - The Paradise brings sheer celebration clairvoyant reading of the divine union which has happened; there can be no word which can do justice to what happened in the inner recesses of the heart. As per Gurumaaji, "It was a call of heart which took us to Turkey, right up to Konya where finally we came to know that the messiah of Love had called us there; truth is being said in all humbleness!"

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